Truck Camper Build: Traveling Throne

Rarely do we get excited about toilets.

Except when they give us access to far-flung locales, without having to dig a hole in the pouring rain.

Ladies and Gentlemen: the Terra Trekker Toilet!

Four Wheel Camper Build Out-0872

Clearly it’s the most interesting new development ‘round here.

It fits pretty well into the passenger side cut-out near the door. The plan is to build the cabinets above it and perhaps drape a nice little curtain over the unit while not in use.

Four Wheel Camper Build Out-0885

As you can see, it fits best (and protrudes less into the doorway) when turned sideways. To use, we’ll have to slide it straight out into the floor area.


Four Wheel Camper Build Out-0882


Here is a profile shot looking into the camper from outside. There is about 3/4” overhang into the main walking area. We didn’t have any luck finding a skinnier toilet.


Here’s a quick mock-up that we’re working on. The toilet is in bright green (jade) and the dark grey upper cabinets are also visible. There will be a shelf (not shown) immediately above the toilet to store TP and hand sanitizer.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 3.54.48 PM
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