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Here we’ve assembled a list of the components used during the construction of our camper.  We’ll continue to add resources as the build-out progresses.

Four Wheel Camper Shell Model-0527 copy

Camper & Vehicle Details

Truck: Toyota Tundra (2008), Double-cab, TRD

Camper: Four Wheel Campers Hawk shell. “Silver Spur” interior, standard white exterior. Purchased December 2014. Received March 2015.

We added the following options to the basic shell model:

-Mechanical Camper Jacks $695
-Solar wiring plug on camper roof $50
-Powered roof vent fan $295
-Front opening window $195
-Side awning $795
-Yakima ‘tracks only’ on roof $340
-Exterior LED lighting $250
-Thermal pack (an additional insulating layer) $475
-Silver spur interior (grey fabric and grey flooring) $250
-Aux battery wiring only w/separator $235

In March 2016 we added:

-Gas strut roof lift assist (40lb each on both front and back).

Four Wheel Camper Shell Model-0507

Camper Shell Build Out

The Silver Spur interior option comes with dark grey flooring, fabric, and laminate (tabletops/cabinet faces). During the build we needed to source all three, although we ended up not using the silver spur fabric.

Silver Spur Fabric: Dovetail Greystone.

Dovetail_Greystone fabric for four wheel campers silver spur

I found an online source for the fabric but ultimately the price was prohibitively expensive so we went for a charcoal fabric (from a local upholsterer) for our dinette cushions.

FourWheel Campers will also make matching cushions but they were pretty expensive.

In hindsight, I wish I’d just ordered the foam from a dealer and made the cushions myself. Even with a cheaper fabric they were quite costly and I felt like the end product wasn’t worth the money. A piece of advice we received: make sure all of your cushions have a removable and washable exterior. You’ll want to launder the food and dirt stains that will accumulate as a result of life on the road.

Four Wheel Camper Build-0707

Silver Spur Vinyl Flooring: Flexitec Planet #698 Marble “Black” Sheet Vinyl.

Four Wheel Camper Silver sheet vinyl flooring

Available at Lowes (but we ended up finding it cheaper at our local flooring store: Interior Floor Designs.

It took me months to find the correct match for the flooring. I could have probably called FWC…but that seemed a bit awkward.

We needed the sheet vinyl as we ended up installing a step under the table. This was helpful for two reasons: 1) it gave us more storage (always a good thing) and 2) the height between the benches and the floor was much more comfortable for folks sitting at the table.

Four Wheel Camper Build-2235 copy

Silver Spur table & cabinet laminate: Formica Laminate Dogbone Store (matte).

Four Wheel camper silver spur table and cabinet laminateWe purchased ours at Lowes, although it may no longer be available there. At the time, it was priced at $1.82 per square foot and available in the following sizes:

3×8, 3×10, 3×12, 4×8, 4×10, 4×12, 5×8, 5×10, 5×12 (all units of measurement in feet).
We used it for a tabletop and for matching cabinet doors.
Four Wheel Camper Build-2243 copyFour Wheel Camper Build-0703
Wooden Build Out Framing
We constructed our boxes with 1/2″ beech plywood, using L brackets and screws ranging in length from 1/4″ to 1″. The internal wooden supports were constructed from 1″x4″ pine.
Four Wheel Camper Build-1326
There were a few places that we glued 1/4″ and 1/2″ plywood together to create a thicker, sturdier lattice. The fridge box was constructed this way, both to provide a sturdy frame the for the refrigerator and to provide support for Emma’s bed platform, which is directly above the fridge.
 Cabinet Paint
The grey paint on the cabinets is regular outdoor latex stain…the same type that adorns the outside of our house, incidentally. (as in: What color shall we paint the cabinets? Well, how about we use this leftover paint from the house? Excellent idea!).  It’s a custom color from Behr.
Four Wheel Camper Build-131941Four Wheel Camper Build-131743

Additional Resources

Fridge: Novakool 3800 3.5 cubic feet

Table Pedestal: Springfield 3-Stage Air-Powered Table Pedestal, bought from Overton’s.

Toilet: Dometic 301097506 Portable Toilet w/ Stainless Hold-Down Brackets, Gray. 5 gallon.
Heater: Eberspacher Airtronic D2 diesel heater (with high-altitude kit and digital thermostat) and 1 gallon auxiliary diesel tank
Solar Panels: (2) 150-watt roof-mounted panels
Batteries:  (2) 140 amp hours of power (total)*
*Going through Mexico during the summer was rough on our batteries. We had a big fridge and struggled to keep it cool without completely depleting our power sources at night. It worked like a champ everywhere else but struggled in the 100 degree heat.

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