Truck Camper: Constructing the table and floor compartment

A quick recap: We started with an empty shell from Four Wheel Campers and built it out to accommodate two adults and two children.

Four Wheel Camper Layout jpeg

The storage compartment is roughly 40″ long, the same as the dinette bench lengths.

Four Wheel Camper Build-1365



The top is made of 3/4″ plywood and consisted of two pieces, attached together with hinges. Four Wheel Camper Build-2243 copy Four Wheel Camper Build-2235 copy


It can be opened by lifting the hinged door at the front. We are currently in the process of installing a small diesel heater. The black piping in the lower right is the heat output. More to come on the heater. IMG_20160604_123800

We’ll probably try to store heavy stuff in the storage compartment, although we’re limited by its shallow dimensions. It’s about 6 inches tall. Just tall enough for canned good…and beer. 🙂


More wiring (associated with the heater).IMG_20160604_123824

The lip is crafted of a curved metal piece that were originally on the benches of the shell model. We removed these prior to the build.


The back part of the platform, upon which the table is bolted, does not move. The sheet vinyl that we used to cover the platform (which is the same brand that came as the floor from the factory) can be found on the Construction Resources page.



We constructed two additional cabinet doors and a table out of dogbone laminate, the same material that Four Wheel Campers used on their cabinet faces. Again, hit up the Construction Resources page for links.

Four Wheel Camper Build-2053 Four Wheel Camper Build-2052 Four Wheel Camper Build-1467


New cabinet door (lower right). The latch was repurposed from two narrow hanging cabinets that came with the original shell model. Four Wheel Camper Build-2243 copy Four Wheel Camper Build-131743


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  • Brian Hawki

    Hi there, i just had to send you a message telling you how nicely done and helpful your Four Wheel Camper build information article has been to me and i’m sure many others. I have returned many times to your site looking at your informative build with all of the nice picture’s. After a few months of looking at the FWC i did put in my order to purchase a 2017 Hawk shell model with the silver spur interior & exterior. My camper arrived on May 19th here in Auburn Ontario Canada and i am very happy with it other than noticing the nice little upper cabinets with doors were not in my camper as i received a open top box type to which i was very disappointed to see as i’m sure many people like them although others have chosen to remove them if doing a custom build out, when i asked about this i was informed that FWC just decided to stop making them. By now you’s have probably spent many enjoyable trips with your camper and now i too look forward to doing the same with my new camper. I thank you very much for sharing your FWC info. Brian Hawki in Owen Sound Ontario Canada

  • Sonja

    Hi Brian,

    So glad you put in your order and sorry to hear they didn’t come with the upper cabinets. Quite honestly, they were too small to hold much and inconveniently placed for our purposes so we removed them immediately. We did salvage all the hardware from them (including the door latches) and we used those elsewhere but beyond that I don’t think you’re missing much. In fact, the open holes in the wall from where they were installed bother me a bit.

    Happy camper adventures!

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  • Kyle Nassetta

    Nice work! Planning on creating an almost identical dinette area to sleep a third if need be.

    Curious on what you made the width and depth (including what came stock) of your benches for the dinette? They look well proportioned for the space.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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