Truck Camper Build: Interior Pics & Special Options

Last month we mentioned that we’re in the process of building out a FourWheel Camper Hawk shell into a tiny home-away-from-home for our family.

We’ve fielded a few questions thus far about what exactly the shell model looks like on the inside. Most Hawks come fully furnished with cabinets, dinette, fridge, and batteries, but ours was completely empty, with the exception of the queen bed over the cab.


Here she is:


The photo (above) was taken from the doorway, looking towards the front of the truck. The bed is visible at the top of the picture and the benches on either side are the gunwales, so to speak, they fit over the sides of the pickup truck bed sides. There are two small upper cabinets (barely visible top left and top right) that we’ll remove before we begin our build-out.

Also note: the bed slides out to become a full queen-size bed. Observe the two black tracks on either side of the back window (next to the bed). When the bed is fully extended (width-wise), a portion of the main area is overhung by the bed (roughly 18”).


The following pictures are taken from the bed looking down (and out the back). Note that the door is off-set and there is a battery cabinet on the right side.


The windows are open and the pop-up mechanism is visible (the black boards above the door), along with a nice built-in mirror.The thermal pack, an additional layer of insulation, is the light grey sheeting material on the popup (upper) portion of the camper. It’s felt-like in both appearance and texture.



As of December 2014, the shell model price was $8,295.


However, the shell models can be highly customized. Here are the special options that we ordered:

-Mechanical Camper Jacks $695
-Solar wiring plug on camper roof $50
-Powered roof vent fan $295
-Front opening window $195
-Side awning $795
-Yakima ‘tracks only’ on roof $340
-Exterior LED lighting $250
-Thermal pack (an additional insulating layer) $475
-Silver spur interior (grey fabric and grey flooring) $250
-Aux battery wiring only w/seperator $235

Options Price Sheet

All in, our total (including doc fees and a destination delivery charge to Oregon) was $12,815. 

Already there is one thing I wish we’d added: Gas strut roof lift assist (exterior). I’m a reasonably-athletic 5’7” woman and I struggle to pop the camper top by myself. It’s super heavy. In fact, the first week I tweaked my neck trying to get it up and I’ve yet to recover. My (much taller/stronger) husband doesn’t have any trouble. He also doesn’t need a step stool in order to reach the exterior latches but most women (and men) probably will require some additional height.



HAWK-Exterior Dimensions

Hawk Model


We had the pleasure of touring the FourWheel facility in Sacramento, California. Their showroom includes all the models, each outfitted in various configurations. Pictures from that trip can be viewed here.


We’re now in the camper design phase. We originally decided to go with the unfinished shell model because none of the outfitted campers can accommodate four people. Our challenge is to fit two adults and two small children into an exceptionally small space.

We’re also starting to order our large camper items such as the fridge, toilet, and heater, so that we may have their dimensions and construct the cabinets.

We’ll keep you posted as to our progress.




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