Truck Camper Build: Designing the Sleeping Arrangements

As you know, we’re in the very early stages of building out our Four Wheel Hawk truck camper. In fact, no building has been done at all; we’re still in the design phase.

Here is what we’re currently working on, although it’s sure to change as we work through problems and begin construction.

To the right is the cab-over queen bed, which is raised. Our seating area is in the middle (a table will also be in place between the two cushioned benches) and to the left is our floor-to-ceiling storage areas, with the entry door at the end.

Hawk Four Wheel Camper Shell Layout


The current plan is for seating to look something like this:

-We’ll be on the queen bed.

-Our son Benjamin will be down below in a dinette (converted into a bed). The current hope is that we’ll be able to use a table that can be lowered to match the adjacent cushion heights. That would make his bed same same length as ours: 78” (6’ 6”). The cushion backrest from the bench seat will be placed on top of the table to complete his bed.

-Emma will be on a bed that is the same level as the queen bed on a bunk constructed on top of the driver’s side storage cabinet. The other backrest cushion from the dinette will form the mattress of her bed.

Because Ben’s bed will be full length, this camper will be able to sleep three adults and one  child.



Truck Camper Sleeps 4

A view through the camper window to Ben’s bed.

Hawk FourWheel Camper lower bunk sleeping arrangment

And a view of the upper bunks.

Hawk Camper for 4 people Sleeping

A few things to keep in mind:

-There is 2’ vertical feet of canvas above the upper bunks (see outline below).

-The queen bed comes with a slide-out horizontal extender, which means that Ben’s bunk will be partially covered while sleeping. Without the extender, it’s more like a full-size mattress.

-Emma’s bunk will require both a length extender and a flip-up rail (to keep her in bed). We haven’t quite figured out the details of her situation but it’ll be very similar to a ship bunk when completed.

Pink areas denote extensions/rails.

Hawk Camper fold out sleepers