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Four Wheel Camper Factory Tour

In December we took a quick trip down to the Four Wheel Truck Camper factory outside of Sacramento, California. The rep hadn’t been able to locate an existing camper in the Seattle area that we could tour so we burned some frequent flyer miles and went to the see the products for ourselves. Best of all, the factory has a showroom with all the models. Which is also dangerous, given that I was ready to put in an order for the palatial flat-bed

Introducing: Terra Trekkers Truck Camping

Here at Terra Trekkers we’ve added a new mode of transportation: a Four Wheel Camper (Hawk shell version).   This is a pop-up version: when in camp, the tops raises like a tent, allowing for a few additional feet of headroom. In the photo above, the top is lowered for transporting, allowing for a smaller profile and increased gas mileage. We picked her up in Oregon last weekend and did a mini road trip out to the Coast before heading back

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