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Truck Camper Construction Resources

Here we’ve assembled a list of the components used during the construction of our camper.  We’ll continue to add resources as the build-out progresses. Camper & Vehicle Details Truck: Toyota Tundra (2008), Double-cab, TRD Camper: Four Wheel Campers Hawk shell. “Silver Spur” interior, standard white exterior. Purchased December 2014. Received March 2015. We added the following options to the basic shell model: -Mechanical Camper Jacks $695 -Solar wiring plug on camper roof $50 -Powered roof vent fan $295 -Front opening window $195 -Side awning $795 -Yakima

Constructing the Passenger’s Side Storage

Previously: Driver’s Side BuildOut and How To Fit Four People in a Truck Camper First up, you’ll remember that we started with a shell (empty) camper. The passenger side is on the right (below).   Passenger side on the left (looking out the back).    Here is the layout that we built: Because the door is off-set (not placed directly in the middle of the camper), we had less room on the passenger side. Consequently the bench seat storage area

How to Fit Four People in a Truck Camper: the top toddler bunk

Previously:Driver’s Side BuildOut   A while back we detailed the construction process of the driver’s side fridge cabinet and storage area of our Four Wheel Camper Hawk shell model. The other notable feature of this area is that the top converts into a bunk for our two year-old daughter (edit: she’s now a very tall almost-four-year old and still fits like a champ!).   Here is our sketchup version. It should be noted that our actual length numbers are slightly

Constructing the Driver’s Side Storage & Fridge

In the Spring of 2015 we purchased a Four Wheel Camper Hawk shell model. We got the grey Silver Spur interior and the standard white exterior.   While we really liked the pre-finished models, they lacked two things that we desired: -Storage. Most of the models came with installed sinks, ranges, and heaters, which were nice, but left precious little room for storage. We decided early on that we weren’t going to have a sink or built-in range as our

Truck Camper Build: Designing the Sleeping Arrangements

As you know, we’re in the very early stages of building out our Four Wheel Hawk truck camper. In fact, no building has been done at all; we’re still in the design phase. Here is what we’re currently working on, although it’s sure to change as we work through problems and begin construction. To the right is the cab-over queen bed, which is raised. Our seating area is in the middle (a table will also be in place between the

Truck Camper Build: Traveling Throne

Rarely do we get excited about toilets. Except when they give us access to far-flung locales, without having to dig a hole in the pouring rain. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Terra Trekker Toilet! Clearly it’s the most interesting new development ‘round here. It fits pretty well into the passenger side cut-out near the door. The plan is to build the cabinets above it and perhaps drape a nice little curtain over the unit while not in use. As you can see,

Truck Camper Build: Interior Pics & Special Options

Last month we mentioned that we’re in the process of building out a FourWheel Camper Hawk shell into a tiny home-away-from-home for our family. We’ve fielded a few questions thus far about what exactly the shell model looks like on the inside. Most Hawks come fully furnished with cabinets, dinette, fridge, and batteries, but ours was completely empty, with the exception of the queen bed over the cab.   Here she is: The photo (above) was taken from the doorway,