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Days 21-23: Baja, Mexico!

We eased into Mexico in the best way possible: by staying with friends at their home south of Ensenada. Gary was a coworker of Chris’ back when we lived and worked in Southern California. He and his wife Carol now spend much of their time south of the border – and now we know why! They were steps from the beach and an animal rescue organization was practically in their back yard, which basically kept the kids entertained for the

The Alaska Highway 12 Day Trip Itinerary [Part 1]

Here was the premise: Pack our two kids (ages 2 and 5) into our 2008 Toyota Tundra and begin a 3,700 mile trip from Seattle up to Alaska. We headed north through British Columbia until we hit Dawson Creek, the historic start of the famed Alaska Highway. Later, we continued driving northeast into Alaska, stopping in Fairbanks briefly before joining the Dalton Highway, the stretch of road that follows the Alaska (oil) Pipeline up to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay. Following our foray

3 Week Trip Itinerary for Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, and Mozambique

  In late 2009 Chris finished his graduate studies and we celebrated by traveling to Africa. We’d had three long years to save/plan and while it blew our travel budget for the next few years, it was definitely worth it. Our trip was three weeks in length and we spread that over five countries. The plan was to join a Botswanan safari for the first portion and then drive through South Africa to Mozambique where we hoped to relax on the beach and

Africa Safari Resource List for Zambia and Botswana

I’m in the process of updating my travel pages and decided that a list of resources for our Africa trip would be useful. We had a great experience and would definitely recommend both the Zambia hotel and the Botswana safari guide. Botswana – Wilderness Safaris First, a note about travel costs. A close family friend has traveled to Africa many times and had some sage advice for us before we began planning our trip: There are two kinds of safari travel in Africa: a)

Central Sweden: Lake Malaren

Our visit to Sweden was part of a longer trip that also included Iceland and Norway. See the complete itinerary here: 10 Day Itinerary.    After Norway we headed back into Sweden and made one critical stop: A visit an IKEA to buy swedish fish. Know you, When in Sweden…   We also marveled at the fact that Swedes are willing to pull anything behind their Saabs and Volvos. Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2: Trucks? SUVs? Pah! Not necessary! Exhibit 3 (and the hands-down


Our visit to Norway was part of a longer trip that also included Iceland and Sweden. See the complete itinerary here: 10 Day Itinerary.  This was my favorite part of the trip. For Chris it was Iceland and the wild wilderness. For Ben it was catching fish on a lake near Stockholm (more to come on that) and for Emma it was the hot tub at one of our (rental) vacation houses. For me it was this island. My god, this place

Sweden’s West Coast

Our visit to Sweden was part of a longer trip that also included Iceland and Norway. See the complete itinerary for Sweden here: 10 Day Itinerary.    After our brief stay in Stockholm, we headed southwest to Sweden’s other coast. (Route map here). I wished we’d stayed longer in the Gothenburg area but the America’s World [Sailing] Cup was happening and the entire area was booked solid. Plus there was a Metallica concert that night. It was an odd tourist combination. 🙂 I would have

Stockholm with Kids

Our visit to Stockholm was part of a longer trip that also included Iceland and Norway. See the complete itinerary for Sweden here: 10 Day Itinerary.  — Sweden! We caught an early morning flight out of Iceland and kept going east for a chance to experience a slice of Chris’ historic homeland. Chris’ paternal grandmother is of Norwegian decent and his paternal grandfather’s line is Swedish. When I first met Chris back in 2002 he told me his family was from a

Iceland with Kids. Southern Iceland. Part 1.

This article details an Icelandic trip we took with our two children (ages 1.5 and 4 years) for five days in August 2015. Our full itinerary (with maps) can be found here.  Our 7 hr Iceland Air flight left Seattle at 4:30pm on a Friday and deposited us at 7:30am, local time, on Saturday morning. We picked up our rental car and munched on a few bagels that I’d brought with us. We arrived on a Saturday and it’s worth noting

Iceland 5 Day Itinerary with Kids

  We just got back from a trip to Scandinavia with the kids. Whoa nelly, Iceland is incredible. Out-of-this-world stunning natural beauty in it’s most primal forms: rock, ice, water, and fire. Halfway through our 8-hr flight home, Chris was already plotting a return trip. Who knew that a barren chunk of ground could be so captivating. Our itinerary included a direct flight from Seattle to Reykjavik, Iceland, with a 1.5 year-old and a four year-old. Ugh. Let’s just say that

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