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Alaska Road Trip: Fairbanks to Anchorage [Part 4]

Note: This travel post is part of a 12-day trip that departed from Seattle and included Canada, Fairbanks, and Deadhorse, before ending in Anchorage, Alaska. Our kids were ages 2 and 5. Part 1: Complete Trip Itinerary Part 2: Driving the Alcan (Seattle to Fairbanks) Part 3: Driving the Dalton Highway (Deadhorse + Prudhoe Bay) This post –> Part 4: Driving the Parks Highway (Fairbanks to Anchorage) Related: Child friendly activities in Anchorage   George Parks Highway (AK-3), Fairbanks to Anchorage, Alaska We have relatives in both

Magnuson Park Walking Route

Magnuson Park in Seattle’s NE neighborhood has changed significantly in the last few decades.  This former Navy air base has received a complete transformation since it was deactivated in the 1970s. Gone is the sentry at the gate and barracks that were slowly crumbing into ruin. Today there are multiple sports fields, a tennis center, spaces for non-profit foundations, a dog park, and a playground. Seattle’s second largest park is now a thriving public space. Our family likes to do a big clockwise walking

Places To Go Sledding Near Seattle

Aside from a yearly dusting, Seattle only gets a solid snow every four or five years. So in search of a good sledding hill, our family tried out two locations within 65 miles of Seattle: The tubing center at Snoqualmie Pass Tubing Center on Interstate 90 and Deer Creek Road on the Mountain Loop Highway near Granite Falls. We’ve also visited the further-afield Wenatchee State Park (near Leavenworth) and the Mt. Rainier sledding hill at Paradise. Next on our list? Hurricane Ridge

WA State: Ashland Lakes (Mountain Loop Highway)

March 2015 We have a new favorite family hike in the Pacific Northwest. This trail has something for everyone: a lovely lake, rushing streams, wooden boardwalks, and winding trails. There are numerous little pools for kids to explore; in early Spring the skunk cabbage was bursting forth and frogs were hopping amongst the foliage. This would also make an excellent first backpacking trip as there are a few campsites located near the lake’s edge and it’s only 1.8 miles each

WA State: Barclay Lake Hike

One of our favorite family hikes is the gentle Barclay Lake trail on Highway 2 past Monroe and Index. The trail is 4.4 miles roundtrip with negligible elevation gain and there is plenty along the way to keep the wee ones interested: streams, boardwalks, bridges, and big rocks. The lake is long and narrow, with excellent lunch spots along the entire shore. The hulking Baring Mountain towers above the water and provides a break from the surrounding evergreens. The lake

Hiking: Highway 2 Near Steven’s Pass

US Highway Route 2 is a 2,500 mile northern route across the country that begins its journey in the humble town of Everett, Washington. Here at Terra Trekkers we are particularly fond on the the stretch between the city of Monroe and Steven’s Pass as it offers dense conifer forests, chilly mountain rivers, excellent hiking trails, and a few quirky but fantastic kid activities. Trip Start: Monroe Take a few minutes to stock up on food and gas in Monroe.

Hiking: Old Robe Canyon Hike (North Cascades)

When I was young in the mountains, I never wanted to go to the ocean, and I never wanted to go to the desert.I never wanted to go anywhere else in the world, for I was in the mountains. And that was always enough. -Cynthia Rylant A few miles past the town of Granite Falls lies the historic town of Robe, built in 1899 to process limestone hauled on the adjacent Everette-Monte Cristo railway from quarries deep in the Cascade Mountains. The

How to Hike Zion’s Narrows with Children

This post is part of our 8-Day SW National Park Road Trip with a Toddler series. The Introduction, route map, and itinerary can be found here.    Zion National Park teems with spectacular vistas, massive rock formations, and sparkling streams. Mule deer browse the tall grasses and red tailed hawks soar on the thermals far above. Among this stunning scenery, there is one hike that will captivate adults and delight their children: The Narrows of Zion. The Narrows is often rated one of the best outdoor

Hiking: Mountain Loop Highway Day Trip

The Mountain Loop Highway is a 95 mile route that lies northeast of Everett in the Mt. Baker – Snoqualamie National Forest. Cloaked in dense evergreen forests, the road meanders through the Sauk and Stillaguamish river valleys as it passes through the towns of Arlington, Granite Falls, and Darrington. Bring your hiking boots, a sack lunch, and, if you’re brave, a swimsuit for a dip in the chilly (but beautiful!) rivers and lakes found in the North Cascades. We prefer to