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Magnuson Park Walking Route

Magnuson Park in Seattle’s NE neighborhood has changed significantly in the last few decades.  This former Navy air base has received a complete transformation since it was deactivated in the 1970s. Gone is the sentry at the gate and barracks that were slowly crumbing into ruin. Today there are multiple sports fields, a tennis center, spaces for non-profit foundations, a dog park, and a playground. Seattle’s second largest park is now a thriving public space. Our family likes to do a big clockwise walking

Peru Family Vacation: The Sacred Valley

This post is part of our Two Weeks in Peru with a Toddler series. The Introduction, route map, and itinerary can be found here.  Days 1-2: Arequipa Days 3-4: Colca Canyon  Days 5-6: Lake Titicaca and the Floating Islands of Uros Days 7-9: Cusco Days 10-11: Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes  Days 11-13: We checked ourselves into the lovely Sol y Luna Lodge in the heart of the Sacred Valley. The hotel is tucked away behind high walls and is a world away from the hustle and bustle of

New Zealand Road Trip: Karangahake Gorge

This post in part of our New Zealand North Island 9-Day Road Trip series. Driving from Russell in the Bay of Islands to Rotorua is a long day: it’s 300 miles, includes Auckland traffic, and several twisty highways that are undergoing major construction work. We knew it was going to be somewhat stressful and worked in a few side trips to break up the monotony of asphalt, sheep, and paving trucks. One of our favorite stops was a hike in Karangahake Gorge, located off

New Zealand Road Trip: Russell and the Bay of Islands

This post in part of our New Zealand North Island 9-Day Road Trip series. There are essentially two towns to choose from when staying in the Bay of Islands: Paihia and Russell. Paihia has a greater selection of accommodations, particularly for the backpacker set, and more restaurants, cafes, and music venues. Russell, while a bit harder to get to (it requires a five minute car ferry ride), is smaller and a bit more laid back. It was also slightly more expensive from a hotel perspective. But

Peru Family Vacation: Sillustani and the Floating Islands of Uros

After our stay in Colca Canyon we headed south to the famed Lake Titicaca. LT, as it’s often called, is the highest navigable lake in the world (although I hear that moniker isn’t quite accurate) and is divided between the countries of Peru and Bolivia. Both countries claim at least 60% of the lake. There is currently a bit of discussion as to whom owns exactly which parts. But before we spied the lake, we took a quick pit stop

Peru Family Vacation: Colca Canyon

From the town of Arequipa, it takes several hours to drive into the heart of the Colca Canyon. Along the way, you’ll pass through the Altiplano, a high, dry arid landscape. It also includes a 16,100’ mountain pass, no small matter for folks that reside at sea level. Before we left, I talked extensively with Ben’s pediatrician in regards to the high altitudes that we planned on reaching over the course of the trip. She told us that children often

Mexico: Beyond Cabo San Lucas

Baja is magical. A place for families that love adventure.We found deserted beaches, gorgeous desert hiking, chilly diving, and a waterfall oasis hidden deep within the surrounding foothills. I cannot wait to return. Planning a trip to Baja? Then click here for a complete itinerary. After two hours of driving on poorly paved and dirt roads, we arrived in the tiny townlet of Cabo Pulmo, on Baja’s East Cape. Our rental house, designed and owned by an artist, was a lush

Mexico: 8 Days in Cabo Pulmo with Children

Traveling outside the big resort town of Cabo San Lucas takes a little extra effort and planning but is well worth the trouble: imagine miles of uncrowded beaches, stellar desert hiking, and night skies untouched by city lights. This loop itinerary includes accommodation suggestions in Cabo Pulmo, a hidden waterfall hike, beach recommendations, and finishes with a spectacular coastal drive on well-maintained dirt roads back to the airport. This is Baja as its finest! Getting There Several airlines have direct flights