Sweden’s West Coast

Our visit to Sweden was part of a longer trip that also included Iceland and Norway. See the complete itinerary for Sweden here: 10 Day Itinerary


After our brief stay in Stockholm, we headed southwest to Sweden’s other coast. (Route map here). I wished we’d stayed longer in the Gothenburg area but the America’s World [Sailing] Cup was happening and the entire area was booked solid. Plus there was a Metallica concert that night. It was an odd tourist combination. 🙂

Sweden with Kids-11

The seaside town of fjallbacka

I would have especially liked to have explored Gothenburg’s Universeum and Slottsskogen (city park). As it was, we drove through town after spending the night in the nearby but unremarkable town of Boras.

But it is the seaside towns that are really worth visiting. Our first excursion was a drive through the isle of Tjorn, immediately north of Gothenburg.
Sweden with Kids-54
We stopped for an hour so the kids could enjoy the beach before continuing north.

Sweden with Kids-57


Sweden with Kids-122 Sweden with Kids-123

Sweden with Kids-121 Sweden with Kids-120

Not bad for a summer Sunday. This is the (free) beach directly next to the Nordiska Akvarellmuseet.

Sweden with Kids-119



Sweden with Kids-52


The harbor at Skärhamn.


Sweden with Kids-126

A bit farther north we stopped in the seaside town of Fjällbacka and climbed the King’s Staircase to the top of the bluff for some gorgeous town views. We were rushing and I made the trek in flip flops and with Emma in the carrier. I was sore for days. A word of caution: wear good footwear and take your time.  And don’t fall off the bluff.

Sweden with Kids-53

I *may* have photoshopped out a radio tower and a crane from these pictures. They were getting in the way of my lovely blue sky.

Sweden with Kids-4


Sweden with Kids-3


Sweden with Kids-115

The stairs are located a block off the main drag near the harbor and are not for the faint of heart (or the height adverse).

Sweden with Kids-114

After that, we continued our journey north to Norway and our island cottage.





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