How much does it cost to drive the Pan-American Highway? Mexico update.

We just made it into Guatemala so it’s time for another budget update through Mexico. We’re still way under our projected budget of $200/day but with shipping to Colombia and back to the United States yet to come, that is to be expected.

We ended up spending 47 days in Mexico and found the prices to be fairly inexpensive, especially hotels. With the very hot weather, we’ve been doing less camping than expected but rather splurging for a hotel when we need the A/C.

Fuel was very reasonable relative to the U.S. Interestingly, we got better gas mileage in Mexico than in the U.S. due to the slower speeds; lots of cruising at 55mph…

One of our larger expenses in Mexico was shipment of the truck from La Paz to Mazatlan. This ended up being $361 for the truck plus the four of us. It was an additional $56 for a cabin onboard the ferry, which we’d highly recommended getting in order to be able to sleep during the 16hr passage.

We did purchase Mexican auto insurance as it is legally required. We bought this before leaving the U.S. in Chula Vista at a AAA location. It was $284 for a 6-month policy with full coverage.

Hopefully these budget posts are helpful. Any special requests for future posts?


  • ERic

    60 days, 4 people, $11 for laundry. lots of handwashing?

  • Tom

    I checked earlier posts to see if you were actually wearing clothes. You could spend $11 on a single trip to the laundromat here.
    On my trip I probably spent less but laundry only happened in places where it was OK to stand around in swim trunks. I only remember one shirt but there may have been two.

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