How much does it cost to drive the Pan-American Highway? Guatemala/Honduras/Nicaragua update.

Hi all, we’re making good time through Central America so it’s time for another budget update for Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. We’re still way under our projected budget of $200/day but creeping up on our per day averages.

Guatemala was a surprise in that we expected similar prices to Mexico but things were quite a bit more expensive.

Honduras looks expensive below but that is only because we spent little time in the country and had two full fuel tank fill-ups plus all the border fees on each end. In reality, prices were on par with Mexico, if not cheaper. Honduras is definitely a place where I wish we could have spent more time. Honduras was also our first border crossing where we’ve had to grease the skids a bit to get through. It certainly wasn’t expensive ($20) but has become a bit more of a regular occurrence at Central America borders.

Nicaragua prices were similar to Mexico but it was our most expensive place so far for fuel.

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