How much does it cost to drive the Pan-American Highway? Costa Rica update

Beautiful beaches, great food, U.S. prices… That pretty much sums up Costa Rica. We spent three weeks here and loved it. However, it certainly was not cheap.

We averaged $182/day. However, we did have two larger expenses which were school for the kids for two weeks as well as an unplanned visit to the doctor for an eye infection + insane Rx prices.

Most food at restaurants was no different than going out to eat in the U.S. and groceries were similar as well.

On the fuel front, gas was close to the most expensive we’ve seen so far with an average of $3.92/gallon. You’ll note our MPG was terrible in Costa Rica, a full two MPG less than any other country. This is primarily due to the terrible roads in the central part of the country as well as the constant up/down mountain highways. I don’t believe it was due to gas quality.

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