In the Spring of 2015 we purchased a pop-up Four Wheel camper that fits in the back of our 2007 Toyota Tundra.

We purchased the Hawk shell model, which means that the camper, excepting a built-in bed, is unfinished on the inside. There are no cabinets or dinette. We are in the process of building out the interior to accommodate four people (two adults, two children) and will document the process here on the website.


Here is the day we picked it up in Oregon. 


Here is a post about touring the Four Wheel factory. 


Click here for the latest in camper work. 


Four Wheel Camper Shell Model-0527 copy

The camper. Note the top is folded down for travel. A canvas insert extends up two additional feet when open. The queen size bed is over the truck cab.




The camper interior upon delivery. The benches extend over the pickup truck bed sides. The queen bed is visible straight ahead over the black window.


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