Days 78-81: San Jose Del Sur, Nicaragua

Oh hey look: there is our camper, hiding behind that roof.  With us not camping in it.

It’s hot, muggy, and we get a little cranky packed like sardines into the truck. Also, we’d just completed a marathon camping extravaganza across three countries; we were ready for a little space, flush toilets, and wifi.


We spotted a good deal on a hotel that was in possession of a swimming pool…and well, we adored our time in San Jose del Sur, primarily due to that aforementioned pool.

Fun fact of the day: In Mexico they call swimming pools albercas; here in Guatemala you get funny looks. “Oh, you mean la piscina? It’s right over there.”

Our hotel, El Jardin, wasn’t actually in San Jose del Sur, which has a bit of a reputation as a backpacker’s party paradise, but 15 minutes out of town and perched on a bluff overlooking that sweet little cove of aqua water. It had 12 rooms and included a delicious breakfast and a hotel dog named Pandora; we adored it.


Ben and Emma made friends with another little guest and every morning they’d tromp around playing hide ‘n seek or looking for new crazy bugs that had appeared overnight.

I have a post about all the cool critters we’ve been spotting lately; we are in bug central around here.


Chris and I had grand plans to tour all the beaches and take a stroll through town. Instead we hit up a single, solitary beach and spent most of our time planted by the pool with cold drinks and kindles.

Which seems to happen a lot on this trip. 🙂 Parenting these two hellions is lovely but EXHAUSTING; if they are content to splash in the pool for hours on end than I am happy to be stationary book worm.

The one really cool amazing activity that we did?


It was $30/person for 19 lines. The kids went attached to our guides.

I’ve wanted to try this ever since my mother-in-law recommended it to us years ago.

Chris and the kids were wary, and frankly downright unenthusiastic.

That made me worry: what were we doing taking our three year-old zooming down cables 100 feet above the ground?! What happens if we get halfway down the mountain and she refuses to budge another inch? Lousy parent of the year award?

Ha. Not to worry. They were hooked, all three of ’em. Loved every single minute.


Despite the height distances, it was actually not scary at all and the kids were firmly attached to their guides (who were excellent). 

It helped that the first two lines were relatively tame. 

Emma laughed like a lunatic the entire time and Ben was downright bubbly. 

I believe I’m due serious points for excellent style: relaxed stance, properly crossed ankles, big smile. 

There is nothing quite like it: zooming above the canopy is akin to being temporarily granted avian status. To be a bird must be exhilarating.

Chris was a pro: he also outweighed us which meant that he could zip significantly faster than us lightweights. 


And that was our San Jose del Sur experience: 1 beach, significant pool time, no town exploring, and exciting zip lines.


San Juan del Sur Resources

(All highly recommended)


Zip lines: Da Flying Frog

Hotel: El Jardin

Beach: El Remanzo. Get delicious smoothies and fish tacos from the biggest food shack. It won’t be cheap but it was our best meal in Guatemala.


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