Days 64 – 67: Puerto Escondido, Mexico

We couldn’t quite bring ourselves to leave the beach, so we headed south along the coast towards the surfing mecca of Puerto Escondido, home of Mexico’s famed pipeline.

Which would be fantastic, except we don’t surf. Ben accepted this as a challenge and promptly requested surf lessons.

Ok kid, you can try your hand at surfing, providing Chris tags along. Emma was furious that she was too young so I have now officially sworn that when she turns six we’re going to be ‘great surfing girls’ (her words) together. She’s going to hold me to it, I know. 

I feel badly; this is a horrible picture of Chris and doesn’t do his efforts justice. He was pretty good!

We also walked through the local market.

We were boring: we only came home with bananas. I had grand plans for us to sample the famous Oaxaca fried insects and pick up some fresh mole but we couldn’t find either, sadly. 



We did get a sausage-making tutorial, however. This guy was lightening fast. 


I usually do ok going down the meat aisle, except this was the meat and fly section of the market. Confession time: flies gross me out, especially after I had a rough encounter with some maggots a while back. A few of the stalls even had fancy-battery powered fly-swatters to ward off the hordes of wee little insects. Cook your food well, friends, no matter your country of residence.

Anatomy 101 for Ben. “Whoa mom, the eyeballs are still in the head!”

No vacation would be complete without a little pool time. And when I say ‘a little’ I mean a lot. The kids get wrinkly prune skin after hours in the water. The positive aspect is that Emma has really improved her swimming skills and can do cannonballs with the best of ’em.

When we were at the resort at Acapulco, we had walked down to the pool and I was hunting around for a beach chair, when Emma came stomping by, furious beyond all getup because some well-meaning fellow pool-patron wouldn’t let her in the deep end, instead relegating her to the ‘baby’ (shallow) section.

The woman (a fellow mom) was clearly looking out for a small child that was preparing to fling herself headlong into deep water after her brother. I thanked her profusely but didn’t have adequate spanish to explain that Emma was just fine. The wee girlie proved herself moments later with a celebratory cannonball and I quietly returned to my lounger.

Our hotel was also home to several turtles, which the kids (with official permission) promptly fished out of their habitat for a field trip. This little guy almost got a get out of jail free card (or at least an upgrade to a McMansion): he was thisclose to making it into the swimming pool after a mad dash across the gravel.

I had a red-eared slider turtle when I was a kid. We dubbed him Tortuga. I took him out for a field trip one day to the little fish pool we have outside the back door. After an hour I went inside to answer a phone call, only to return and find that my turtle had absconded. He appeared a few months later in our neighbor’s giant pond and I didn’t have the heart to return him back to his tank. It is rather embarrassing to have your pet turtle run away though.


Sorry, little guy. Back into your cage you go.

All in all, we loved Puerto Escondido – its relaxed vibe, great food, and plenty of family-friendly activities meant that we were pretty happy campers, and would have loved to have stayed longer.


  • mom

    Alright! the kids will be ready for Lk Washington next summer. The neighborhood dock is kid-central.

    You and Emma have what it takes to be great surfing girls. Wait until Emma sees the photo of her mom jibing her windsurfer on Bonaire.

    Perusing your photos, I was entranced by the face of Christ suffering on the cross–peering through the hanging carcasses…a little surreal.

  • Janice C.

    Were you affected by the earthquake? I thought of your family right away. Hope everything is alright, and travel can continue as planned.

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