Days 29-40 : Southern Baja

No good adventure is complete without a few things going wrong.

In the last post I alluded to a string of hot nights in our camper that left us tossing and turning, with nary a wink of sleep to be had. We have two solar panels and two batteries but the system was badly struggling to run both our fan and fridge. We learned this after the milk in the fridge turned into yogurt. Ugh.



Running one’s batteries down to dangerously low levels can cause permanent damage and since we need that fan to be in proper working order in Central America, we decided to promptly drive to the nearest hotel room with a functioning AC system. No shame, people, no shame. A hot, sweaty family is a very, very grumpy family.


Also, a side note for Four Wheel Camper buyers: In hindsight we should have installed a second fan (the one that is placed forward over the queen bed). Our single fan is located in the main living area and keeps the kids at reasonable temps but the grownups in the big bed swelter. It would have required more power, but it would be worth it. Provided, of course, you’re heading for steamy climates. One fan was sufficient in Seattle and Alaska.

So we toured the lovely towns of La Paz, San Jose del Cabo, and Todos Santos via the comfort of AC-cooled hotel rooms and AirBNBs. And we made sure that each place had a pool. The kids are swimming like little fishies and loving every minute of it.



Our friend Henry in California had these torpedoes and I bought some in San Diego just before we crossed into Baja. They are worth their weight in gold, people; the kids LOVE diving for them and it’s helped their swimming skills immensely. If they get anything out of this trip, it’ll be the ability to hold their own at the Great Wolf Lodge water park.

We did take a brief camping tour of Cabo Pulmo, the marine national park north of Los Cabos. We stayed there a few years ago at a lovely AirBNB; there wasn’t much to do besides scuba diving but it was a relaxing vacation.


Our favorite place was Todos Santos (on the Pacific side). We had a nice little place at Pescadero beach and we made daily pilgrimages down to the water for sand castle building and swimming. This condo was great for little kids as the pool went from 1″ to 6′ deep. There are several AirBNBs available in the complex. Todos Santos is known as the artsy ex-pat community in Southern Baja; all I can say is that we enjoyed a few good ice cream cones and a quick visit to the original Hotel California (of Eagles fame). We got into a schedule of eating-beaching-napping-pooling-eating-sleeping, which garnered no complaints from me. I live to eat and sleep!


Everybody wants to play with Daddy in the pool. 

Chris’ brother Greg visited a while back and rented a surf board at Pescadaro. We thought we’d do the same as it’s a great surfing beach but after a good number of attempts eventually decided that we are in need of some proper lessons. It wasn’t pretty, folks. We shot envious glances at the ten year-olds casually scooting by on monster waves.


Our route thus far.


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  • I share the feeling. Your post reminded me of my father deciding my sister and I, “had” to experience a few nights camping in the Mississippi Delta in the middle of August. I believe we made it two days before we threatened mutiny to the cross country trip if we didn’t find a hotel.

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