Day 46: Teotihuacan

Most overlanders don’t attempt to drive in Mexico City – the city of 21 million souls is known for its monumental traffic jams. Anybody with a large vehicle pulls into an RV park in nearby Teotihuacan and takes an Uber into town – but not before spending a day at the pyramids.

The Pyramid of the Sun and her slightly smaller neighbor, Pyramid of the Moon, were constructed by Teotihuacanos in 200 AD, a people that preceded the Aztecs, who also used the pyramids centuries after their apparent abandonment by the original builders.

So many dogs here. This one immediately adopted the kids and accompanied them halfway up the pyramid before ditching us for a friendly fellow munching on a pastry.
It’s a pretty nice pile of rocks – except for the orange crowd control netting halfway up. Really? They couldn’t have used regular (non-neon) rope? You’re messing up my photos, pyramid officials.


Proud Mama moment: I hauled Emma in a child carrier up the third tallest pyramid in the world, and at 7,000 feet above sea level! That wee little girl is heavy.

Tip: Getting there early is key and not just because you won’t have to share it with hordes of people. It’s the climbing the pyramid itself with hordes of people that makes it dangerous. There are few guard rails and the steps are uneven – you don’t want to be rushed or jostled by your fellow climbers. This is place where one misstep can be fatal (we’ve unfortunately witnessed that at Tikal in Guatemala) so having personal space is paramount.

Chris is probably a bit taller than the average ancient person that inhabited the complex. Our favorite part of the site was visiting the excavated homes – they were quite spacious and had running water. Not bad, yes?


The RV park was a mixed bag for us. Chris had a chance to do some truck maintenance (oil change and tire rotation) but Ben also got bit by the owner’s dog, which tore through multiple layers of clothes, caused two bloody lacerations, and rattled him pretty thoroughly. Damn dalmatian. Needless to say, we were happy to depart the next morning for several days at an AirBNB in Ciudad de Mexico – or as it is simply known: CDMX.

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