Constructing the Passenger’s Side Storage

Previously: Driver’s Side BuildOut and How To Fit Four People in a Truck Camper

First up, you’ll remember that we started with a shell (empty) camper. The passenger side is on the right (below).



Passenger side on the left (looking out the back). IMG_0707


Here is the layout that we built:

Four Wheel Camper Layout jpeg

Because the door is off-set (not placed directly in the middle of the camper), we had less room on the passenger side. Consequently the bench seat storage area is significantly shallower than on the driver’s side. IMG_1259


Four Wheel Camper Build-1318 As with the driver’s side build-out we used a wooden support system, metal L brackets, and 1/2″ plywood.
Four Wheel Camper Build-1325 Four Wheel Camper Build-1320 Four Wheel Camper Build-1326

Once the lower supports were in place, we began building our main storage compartment, which was divided to allow storage of both water jugs and plastic storage bins.

Four Wheel Camper Build-1342 Four Wheel Camper Build-1347 Four Wheel Camper Build-1350


A few of the compartments required wood ‘stops’ installed in the back so storage bins wouldn’t smash up against the window. Four Wheel Camper Build-1353


And we had to maintain access to the window knob. Four Wheel Camper Build-1354


The square cutout on the lower panel (far left) is for access to the metal anchors tie-downs that hold the camper to the vehicle. The lower middle compartment (also at floor level) is the location of our diesel heater. The cutout on the bottom right is where the toilet lives. It’s pulled out of the cave and into the main floor area when in use. Four Wheel Camper Build-1357 Four Wheel Camper Build-1359


A better view of the bench seat with anchor access door. The bench seat lid lifts up to reveal the storage compartment. Four Wheel Camper Build-1360 Four Wheel Camper Build-1361 Four Wheel Camper Build-1362 Four Wheel Camper Build-1363


A detail view of the top of the main storage area: a cutout for our stove. In a pinch, we could cook indoors but  this is primarily where it sits during transportation. We typically cook outside. Four Wheel Camper Build-1452


Bins in place. Four Wheel Camper Build-1453 Four Wheel Camper Build-1466 Four Wheel Camper Build-1513


A view of the dinette with seat cushions in place. Note the stove storage.




When the seat is removed, the bench lid lifts and the storage compartment is accessible. In this case, we are able to store four camp chairs (2 adult, 2 kid) in the compartment. A larger storage area is available under the other bench (on the Driver’s side).

Four Wheel Camper Build-131941 Four Wheel Camper Build-131743

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  • Andy Tornatzky

    Do you have any of the diagrams pre during post build with measurements? Thanks

    (Im getting hawk ..about 7 weeks out)

  • Sonja Jernstrom

    Hi Andy,

    Congratulations on your soon-to-arrive hawk! Unfortunately we don’t have post-build plans. It was very much a measure-as-we-go operation.

  • RACoy


    Where did you get your table? I are looking for one for our swift shell.

    • Sonja

      Hi RACoy,

      We made the table, the base is a marine pedestal.
      The base we purchased from Overton’s (I believe it was the Springfield 3 stage air-powered table pedestal). We used 3/4″ plywood for the table top and covered it with ‘dog bone’ laminate (the same used by Four Wheel Campers).

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