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Seattle: Swansons Nursery During the Holiday Season

  Seattle can be a dreary place during the winter. The constant rain and grey skies make outdoor outings less appealing, yet housebound families are eager for a chance to find activities beyond the community centers and other indoor locales. Enter Swansons Nursery, a little gem tucked away in Crown Hill’s Ballard neighborhood. Beginning after Thanksgiving, Swansons brings Dasher and Blitzen the reindeer and Curly the Camel from their home in Eastern Washington to their festive temporary quarter on the nursery grounds. Arrive

Hiking: Old Robe Canyon Hike (North Cascades)

When I was young in the mountains, I never wanted to go to the ocean, and I never wanted to go to the desert.I never wanted to go anywhere else in the world, for I was in the mountains. And that was always enough. -Cynthia Rylant A few miles past the town of Granite Falls lies the historic town of Robe, built in 1899 to process limestone hauled on the adjacent Everette-Monte Cristo railway from quarries deep in the Cascade Mountains. The

Hiking: Mountain Loop Highway Day Trip

The Mountain Loop Highway is a 95 mile route that lies northeast of Everett in the Mt. Baker – Snoqualamie National Forest. Cloaked in dense evergreen forests, the road meanders through the Sauk and Stillaguamish river valleys as it passes through the towns of Arlington, Granite Falls, and Darrington. Bring your hiking boots, a sack lunch, and, if you’re brave, a swimsuit for a dip in the chilly (but beautiful!) rivers and lakes found in the North Cascades. We prefer to

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