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Days 41-45: Mainland Mexico

  We took an overnight ferry from the Baja Peninsula to Mazatlan on the mainland. According to TripAdvisor, it was going to be a terrifying experience, filled with hordes of people, vastly overdue boats, and sub-par meals. One review in particular was particularly grim as a mid-week ferry had been cancelled so they simply loaded all the people onto a later crossing: two people for every assigned seat; eight people for every four-bed cabin. It was pandemonium; they ran out

Cabo Pulmo – Southern Baja

A few years ago we spent Christmas with my parents and a friend in Cabo Pulmo, a tiny hamlet located north of Los Cabos on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja. It’s a national marine park and the only coral reef in the area. We visited in December 2014. The diving was ok (we saw a few big schools of fish) but it was right after a hurricane and both the visibility and the reef were pretty poor. There

Days 29-40 : Southern Baja

No good adventure is complete without a few things going wrong. In the last post I alluded to a string of hot nights in our camper that left us tossing and turning, with nary a wink of sleep to be had. We have two solar panels and two batteries but the system was badly struggling to run both our fan and fridge. We learned this after the milk in the fridge turned into yogurt. Ugh.     Running one’s batteries

Day 28: The Whale Sharks of Bahia de Los Angeles

  Someday I’d like to come down to Baja during the grey and humpback whale migration. That typically occurs December through March and it’s supposed to be a magical experience. The town of Guerrero Negro is an ideal jumping-off point for these excursions. I was rather bummed that we’d missed the whales and was lamenting to Chris about our poor timing as we drove into Bahia de Los Angeles. “Say” he said, “isn’t it whale shark season?” Whoa!! We tried

Photos from Above

You’ve probably gathered by now that we purchased a drone. I love aerial photography; back when we lived in California I worked as an environmental scientist. Part of my job involved studying historical aerial photographs, some of them taken fifty or sixty years ago. It was fascinating to see how towns evolved over the course of multiple decades; some sprang up overnight from orange groves, others grew more organically as populations expanded.  So getting a drone was pretty exciting for

Days 21-23: Baja, Mexico!

We eased into Mexico in the best way possible: by staying with friends at their home south of Ensenada. Gary was a coworker of Chris’ back when we lived and worked in Southern California. He and his wife Carol now spend much of their time south of the border – and now we know why! They were steps from the beach and an animal rescue organization was practically in their back yard, which basically kept the kids entertained for the

The Beginning of a New Adventure

  We have some news!   At the end of the June we’ll be packing our truck camper and hitting the road for an extended year-long adventure.     The Plan We’ll begin by driving into Oregon and California and if all goes well (a big IF, given that we’ll have four people living in a house smaller than a parking space!) then we’ll keep driving south into Mexico and Central America.   And if things go fantastically well then

Mexico: Cabo Pulmo Route Map

From the Los Cabos Airport north (and then east) to Cabo Pulmo, it’s approximately 1.5-2 hours on paved and then dirt roads. From Cabo Pulmo south along the coast, it’s approximately 2 hours back to the airport on dirt roads. The roads are paved close to San Jose del Cabo.   For more pictures and trip details on our Cabo Pulmo vacation with children, click here. Our route is marked in red. Side trips were also taken to Los Barriles,

Mexico: Beyond Cabo San Lucas

Baja is magical. A place for families that love adventure.We found deserted beaches, gorgeous desert hiking, chilly diving, and a waterfall oasis hidden deep within the surrounding foothills. I cannot wait to return. Planning a trip to Baja? Then click here for a complete itinerary. After two hours of driving on poorly paved and dirt roads, we arrived in the tiny townlet of Cabo Pulmo, on Baja’s East Cape. Our rental house, designed and owned by an artist, was a lush

Mexico: 8 Days in Cabo Pulmo with Children

Traveling outside the big resort town of Cabo San Lucas takes a little extra effort and planning but is well worth the trouble: imagine miles of uncrowded beaches, stellar desert hiking, and night skies untouched by city lights. This loop itinerary includes accommodation suggestions in Cabo Pulmo, a hidden waterfall hike, beach recommendations, and finishes with a spectacular coastal drive on well-maintained dirt roads back to the airport. This is Baja as its finest! Getting There Several airlines have direct flights

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