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Photos from Above

You’ve probably gathered by now that we purchased a drone. I love aerial photography; back when we lived in California I worked as an environmental scientist. Part of my job involved studying historical aerial photographs, some of them taken fifty or sixty years ago. It was fascinating to see how towns evolved over the course of multiple decades; some sprang up overnight from orange groves, others grew more organically as populations expanded.  So getting a drone was pretty exciting for

Days 11-20: Southern California

We are in Southern California and hopefully crossing over into Mexico tomorrow. Yikes. Things are gettin’ real, peeps! We had grand plans to be fantastic bloggers but we’re finding that spotty wifi and no down-time are conspiring against us. It’s doubtful that it’ll get better in Mexico but we’ll do our very best. We’ve been zigzagging our way across California. Nights have been a mix of wild (free) camping, paid campground camping, cheap motels, and crashing with friends. Here is

Days 1 – 10: Washington, Oregon, and Northern California

Hello! Sorry for the radio silence. We are alive and well and still talking to each other! We’re counting that as a success. We are currently in California having a little R&R at a Sierra Club lodge near Truckee. This is a place I’ve been visiting since I was a kid and it’s a bit weird not having my parents here with us. I keep expecting to turn around and see my mom charging up the trail or my dad

The Beginning of a New Adventure

  We have some news!   At the end of the June we’ll be packing our truck camper and hitting the road for an extended year-long adventure.     The Plan We’ll begin by driving into Oregon and California and if all goes well (a big IF, given that we’ll have four people living in a house smaller than a parking space!) then we’ll keep driving south into Mexico and Central America.   And if things go fantastically well then