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Days 68-70: San Christobal de las Casas, Mexico

After some long driving days we maneuvered the truck down the tiny streets of San Christobal, in the Mexican state of Chiapas. I was sourly muttering about the fact that we’d had to skip Oaxaca City due to time constraints but San Christobal charmed us with her beautiful buildings, pedestrian-only streets, and delicious food.  Oaxaca will have to remain the city that got away. I suppose we always need an excuse to come back, right? Plus, the town is located

Day 68: The Crocodile Sanctuary

We heard today of the massive earthquake that was reported off the coast of the Mexican state of Chiapas. Oaxaca, and the community detailed below, are quite close to the epicenter and we hope they weren’t adversely affected. Both of these states are some of the poorest in Mexico and are in desperate need of community-focused tourist dollars. They were also some of our very favorite to visit during our two months in the country.    Ben has long fostered

Days 64 – 67: Puerto Escondido, Mexico

We couldn’t quite bring ourselves to leave the beach, so we headed south along the coast towards the surfing mecca of Puerto Escondido, home of Mexico’s famed pipeline. Which would be fantastic, except we don’t surf. Ben accepted this as a challenge and promptly requested surf lessons. Ok kid, you can try your hand at surfing, providing Chris tags along. Emma was furious that she was too young so I have now officially sworn that when she turns six we’re

How much does it cost to drive the Pan-American Highway? Mexico update.

We just made it into Guatemala so it’s time for another budget update through Mexico. We’re still way under our projected budget of $200/day but with shipping to Colombia and back to the United States yet to come, that is to be expected. We ended up spending 47 days in Mexico and found the prices to be fairly inexpensive, especially hotels. With the very hot weather, we’ve been doing less camping than expected but rather splurging for a hotel when

Day 57-63: Acapulco and El Racho

We’d had lots of adventures since setting foot in Mainland Mexico but not much downtime. Most of our days were filled with a few hours of driving and then a new campsite each nigh. We needed to sit for a while. Specifically, we needed to sit by a pool. Or on the beach. With a fancy drink in hand.   Enter this resort in Acapulco! You guys: it came with a giant pool, a lazy river, and $15 dollar massages

Days 53 – 56 : San Miguel, Nevado de Toluca, and the Most Awesome Water Park in Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is a pretty little town with shockingly high prices, most likely due to the healthy ex-pat community that calls it home. We tucked ourselves into a cute little RV park close to the center of town which would have been perfect except for the grouchy (and child-despising) older German couple parked next to us. We’ve found most overlanders to be a friendly bunch but somehow these guys missed the memo. Fortunately there were streets to explore,

The Trip So Far: Honest reflections from life on the road

Ok friends, here is the good, the bad, and the ugly! We have a tendency to wax poetic on instagram, showing only gorgeous waterfalls, deserted beaches, and smiling kids. What we don’t show are the cramped camper quarters, the laundry hanging from every available surface, and the epic meltdowns in restaurants. Get ready to hear about the gritty side of this trip! So what is our existence like on the road? Well, like most of life, it’s a mix of

Days 51-52: Basalt Pillars and the Caves of Tolantogo

  I wanted so badly to love these two places but events conspired against us to leave our family feeling slightly ‘meh’ about both locations.  After a long drive out from Mexico City we finally arrived at the Basalt Pillars, which is a cool geologic formation that has been transformed into a kitschy tourist attraction. Plus they wanted to charge us an astronomical amount for camping, which we eventually paid given that we’d been driving all day and it was

Days 47-50: Mexico City

Hello Mexico City!!   On the recommendation of friends we’d rented a tiny apartment in La Condesa neighborhood. It was lovely: tree-lined streets, corner bakeries, and nearby parks. On our first day we went down to the Zocolo, the large square in Mexico City. Upon stepping out of the Uber, we were greeted by a wall of police and their crowd control shields – hundreds of them.  Chris and I looked around cautiously, wondering if perhaps we’d stepped into the

Day 46: Teotihuacan

Most overlanders don’t attempt to drive in Mexico City – the city of 21 million souls is known for its monumental traffic jams. Anybody with a large vehicle pulls into an RV park in nearby Teotihuacan and takes an Uber into town – but not before spending a day at the pyramids. The Pyramid of the Sun and her slightly smaller neighbor, Pyramid of the Moon, were constructed by Teotihuacanos in 200 AD, a people that preceded the Aztecs, who also

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