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Daily Life: Food

Life on the road often lacks the conveniences of home: we spend a great deal of time plotting our route, making sure we have gas in the car, accommodation for the night, and food in our bellies. When we’re not camping, we stay primarily in Airbnb apartments. Having a kitchen works well for us:  we can save money by cooking our own food, rather than eating in restaurants which tend to stretch both our budgets and patience as parents as


Our visit to Norway was part of a longer trip that also included Iceland and Sweden. See the complete itinerary here: 10 Day Itinerary.  This was my favorite part of the trip. For Chris it was Iceland and the wild wilderness. For Ben it was catching fish on a lake near Stockholm (more to come on that) and for Emma it was the hot tub at one of our (rental) vacation houses. For me it was this island. My god, this place