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Days 73-74: Rio Dulce, Guatemala

After Tikal, we skirted the border of Belize and continued south. I was intrigued by the guide book’s description of the Rio Dulce River as it made its way from Lago de Izabel to the Caribbean Ocean. It sounded lovely: a gorgeous azure river, towering canyon walls, tropical vegetation teeming with monkeys, birds, and other exotic critters. And I’m sure it was lovely but the prices they quoted us upon arrival were sky high and after long days of driving

Days 71 – 72: Tikal, Guatemala

Pais Numero Dos! (Country #2!) In Guatemala we had to make choices. We needed to zip through the country but were keen to see a few places before continuing on south to Honduras and Nicaragua. There are two main locations that overlanders visit: The famous Mayan ruins of Tikal in the north and the beautiful Lake Atilan in the south. We were craving steamy jungles and a glimpse of the Caribbean Sea so we pointed the truck north. Our first

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