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Creepy Crawlies

Unless you are staying in a 20 story condo tower, there is no way to avoid the critters in Latin America. Bugs dominate the tropics. And I won’t lie: we think they’re fascinating, especially the ones that are masters of mimicry. Take this leaf katydid: It took Ben and I several minutes to determine exactly how many animals were ensconced on the bush, so great was their ability to resemble leaves. But here’s the really fantastic part: a katydid will

How much does it cost to drive the Pan-American Highway? Guatemala/Honduras/Nicaragua update.

Hi all, we’re making good time through Central America so it’s time for another budget update for Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. We’re still way under our projected budget of $200/day but creeping up on our per day averages. Guatemala was a surprise in that we expected similar prices to Mexico but things were quite a bit more expensive. Honduras looks expensive below but that is only because we spent little time in the country and had two full fuel tank

Days 78-81: San Jose Del Sur, Nicaragua

Oh hey look: there is our camper, hiding behind that roof.  With us not camping in it. It’s hot, muggy, and we get a little cranky packed like sardines into the truck. Also, we’d just completed a marathon camping extravaganza across three countries; we were ready for a little space, flush toilets, and wifi.   We spotted a good deal on a hotel that was in possession of a swimming pool…and well, we adored our time in San Jose del

Days 75-77: Granada, Nicaragua

I won’t lie: We had a rough time crossing the border into Nicaragua from Honduras. Lots of hoops to jump through. The Honduras border guard charged us to exit the country, a fee that we’d already paid upon entering two days earlier. He knew that, having seen our receipt for the charge (which he promptly tore up), but still had the gall to charge us again.  Guatemalan border guards demanded fees for insurance (with wildly varying prices), municipal taxes, and